Sunday, January 23, 2011

Espresso Bay provides daily moments of luxury

It’s more than enjoying the world’s finest espresso; it’s a special resort-like retreat, away from the hustle and bustle. We hope that the Espresso Bay experience is highly anticipated and fondly remembered each day. The exceptional drinks, unique resort ambiance, and the cheerful, personally engaging and entertaining employees will all contribute to the luxurious daily experience.
Espresso specialty drinks, gourmet coffee, chai, bubble tea, spa elixirs, gourmet tea, yerba matte, frozen and iced drinks, and other designer beverages.

Target consumer: Cuts across all demographics, young and old. While not everyone can afford the best wine or fanciest restaurants, nearly anyone can enjoy a relaxing moment enjoying the world’s finest coffee, for just a buck or two. We should be especially popular with more educated 16-65 year olds. And anyone wanting to unwind for a while, or spend time visiting with friends and other interesting people from the community.

Espresso Bay

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